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A Content Management System (CMS) makes it easy for non-technical users to maintain and expand their website. Most companies have useful information that they would like to add to their website regularly but don't have the technical ability. Some have to pay absorption rates to a web design company to do this.

By expanding your website regularly Google will see your website as a useful source of information. A CMS will allow you to add this info through simple to use web forms.

Content Management Systems - Admin Panel

Benefits of CMS

nPresence's CMS tool divides the design, structure and content of the website.

The separation of these three layers allows many advantages throughout the life cycle of the website. Each area of the site can be recreated and adjusted independent of the other areas.

  • The design layer can be completely revamped for a new user interface without the need for any adjustments to structure or content.
  • The structure can be adjusted for additional functionality with no changes required to design and content.
  • Most importantly, content can be changed and added through user friendly interfaces, with no need to adjust the front-end design or functional structure.

The separation of these three areas creates the flexible strength of a content management system.

CMS & the Search Engines

Google and the other leading Search Engines have made it clear that they are interested in websites rich in fresh unique content. They want websites that regularly update their information for their customers.

"Create a useful, information-rich site, and write pages that clearly and
accurately describe your content"

Google Webmaster Guidelines

"Yahoo! Wants Included in its Index, Original and unique content of
genuine value"

Yahoo! Webmaster Guidelines

To excel online via the search engines you need freshly written content. To do this yourself, the simplest solution is a CMS.

To find out if you need a CMS apply for a Free Website Analysis.


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