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What's your maximum ROI (Return on Investment)? In some cases websites don't need site optimisation or a new PPC campaign. nPresence can analyze your existing advertising, landing pages, website content and checkout pages to increase your sales or leads.

Succeeding online involves constantly tweaking your website to get the best results.

Site Analysis

One of nPresence's staff can analyse every stage of the online cycle to determine any where you are loosing potential customers and recommend changes to improve your ROI.

Any of the following you affecting your ROI:

  • Inaccurate Search Listings
  • Poor PPC Keywords / Ads
  • Homepage / Landing pages inappropriate for keywords
  • Website navigation confusing or over complicated
  • Overall Design inappropriate for tone of the website or unappealing
  • Contact Us Forms too vague or too detailed
  • Checkout process of Shopping Cart too long

In a website report our consultant will inform you where you are losing customers and most importantly how to fix it.

For more information on a website report Contact Us.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion Tracking is a form of website traffic analytics that measures the effectiveness of a source directing visitors to a web site and persuading them to take a desired action.

Conversion Rate is calculated as follows:

Calculating Website's Conversion Rate

For instance if 1000 visitors used the search term "Guinness T-Shirt" to reach your site and 100 placed an order then the Conversion Rate for the search term " Guinness T-Shirt" is 10% [calculated as (100/1000) x 100%].

nPresence can determine your Conversion Rate from any source or keyword.

For more information on Conversion Tracking Contact Us.

Funnel Tracking / Analysis

Once visitors commit to purchasing how many see it through?

Visitors drop off the path before checking out for many reasons. They may get confused if the steps are too complicated, or they may want to go back and get more information before moving forward.

For example, we might determine that many of your visitors are returning to your 'product information pages' after beginning the checkout process; by including the product information on your checkout pages, you may be able to keep more visitors in the funnel on their way to becoming customers.

To learn more about Funnel Tracking Contact Us.

Split Hit Testing

Split-hit testing is where you create different versions of the same page to test their effectiveness. When users enter your site, they're shown one version or the other. Very quickly you can easily see which version converted visitors into buying customers.

There are many different factors that you can test, but here are some things nPresence would test for you:

  • Your Headlines
  • Different Design Elements of Your Site (i.e., fonts, colors, etc.)
  • Navigation Structure of Your Site
  • Bonus Offers
  • Pricing Offers (high or low)
  • Long Copy Versus Short Copy
  • Order Forms

To learn more how nPresence can Split Hit Test your website Contact Us.


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